We can place your logo and message on Virtual Phone Holders, printed beautifully, packaged and delivered directly to each person on your list on time.

Show your company's image with the finest engineered promotional phone accessory that is taking the mobile phone market by storm! The original custom Virtual phone holder is a highly sought after phone device that will see your brand exposure soar! Teens across the world are scrambling for them. Social media users can't imagine how they ever lived without one.


An adjustable phone hold for your hand that is repositionable, the custom Handable Virtual Holder mounts on the back of smart phones, and tablets, and provides comfort and device management like non-other. Visibility of your company logo on the round surface of the Handable will be in plain sight throughout the day everywhere people bring their smart phones.


Possibly the most desirable feature is the ability to hold devices by placing any two fingers under the dome making management of the phone extremely maneuverable and secure. Orthopedists love this product as it prevents constant finger strain that can cause damage. Position the custom Handable phone with it's mounting tape wherever wanted on the back of the device for taking pictures or videos, typing text messages, reading, or watching videos.

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