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What is the HandAble?
HandAble is a hand held phone holder and stabilizer that provides a high degree of safety in helping to prevent a Smart phone or other handheld wireless device from dropping from the user's hand. The HandAble is worn by the user and provides improved security, maneuverability, hand comfort, and extended performance.

How long does it take for delivery?
Our regular delivery of standard HandAble Phone Holders is 3-5 days after receipt of your order. Custom designed or promotional HandAble products will deliver 7-10 days after approval of design.

How durable is the HandAble? 
The HandAble is professionally designed and engineered and is manufactured for reliability, and long-term use. With careful use, a HandAble will last a long time.

Will the device fit on my phone?
The BaseMount´s footprint (attachment size) is one (1.25 ") inch diameter, and fits most handheld digital devices.

I have large hands, will the device work for me? 
If your fingers are not larger than 1.25" which is quite large, you should enjoy using the HandAble.

Will device fit on child size hands?
The holder will fit and is adjustable and functional on all size hands from 0" to 1.25"

I have missing fingers, how can I use your device? 
There are many possibilities that could make the HandAble work for you. Let's start with (a) if you have a thumb only, you could slide the thumb web under the dome for a comfortable fit that allows significant movement. (b) If you have two adjacent fingers, you could operate just fine.

Can I use either hand? 
The HandAble is designed to be used with left or right hand equally.

How is theBaseMount fastened? 
It is important the location where you attach the BaseMount is clean & dry. Select a smooth flat location on the back of the phone/device close to the handheld's center with the cord pointing downward. Remove the protective paper from the adhesive pad, and lightly position the BaseMount in place on the phone. When ready, press the BaseMount down firmly for 10 seconds to initiate the bond.

Why didn't the adhesive pad stick?
Two possibilities. First, the adhesive is non-hardening, and does not set up or crystallize to the surface it is applied to. This allows it to be removed cleanly by hand at any time in the future without damage to the phone’s surface. It provides a high strength bond to most rigid plastics, metals, and glass (up to 100lb. per sq.inch), but bonds poorly to porous, soft pliable material such as vinyl, rubber, leather, etc.

Second, if a new adhesive pad does not bond or stay fastened, it is usually because the fastening surface on the phone was not prepared properly before application. When prepared as instructed, the adhesive pad on the BaseMount should form a near-permanent bond with the surface it is attached to.

What holds the HandAble to the device? 
A HandAble "BaseMount™" is fastened to the phone/device with an industrial adhesive pad. The HandAble VHB (Very High Bond) adhesive is non-hardening, and removes cleanly from the phone’s surface by hand. This allows the BaseMount to be removed and refastened when changing to a new phone or device.

What if the HandAble breaks?
HandAble's are warranted for a period of 180-days from the date of purchase. We will replace any HandAble product within the warranty period that breaks, becomes permanently deformed so as to alter proper function, or exhibits signs of failure. To receive a replacement, submit a return claim on our shopping cart via the account you set up to purchase the HandAble

What if the back of my phone is not flat?
Some phones have features that interfere with the fastening location you prefer for the BaseMount. In these cases, a different fastening location will be necessary. Choose an alternative location that provides you with comfortable functionality.

How do I remove the BaseMount?
Place a thin square plastic plate under the base and gently push until the base lifts off the device. The adhesive is not re-useable.