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Hand Disability

Handable Hand-Held Phone Holder Helps Those With Hand Mobility Issues to Use Cell-Phones Without Discomfort

Tens of millions of Americans will experience short-term injury or permanent disability of the hand or wrist. Mobility problems like these can make grasping small objects difficult, and working with a smartphone or tablet can become almost impossible. Handable, a cell-phone accessory that's changing how people hold their phones, looks to address this unfortunate aspect of hand and wrist conditions.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, arthritis or rheumatism contributes to the disability of nearly 9 million Americans – and that's only one of many potential causes of poor mobility in the hands and wrists. Other potential causes include carpal tunnel syndrome – a chronic injury caused by a repetitive motion like typing – nerve damage, a poorly healed fracture or the loss of fingers following severe trauma. 

Developed to help everyone with limited hand and wrist mobility, Handable is small and discrete, yet alleviates most of the mechanical stress and fatigue involved in holding and manipulating a cell-phone. The accessory's peel-and-stick design attaches to any smartphone or tablet in seconds. Once firmly attached, the top of Handable extends away from the back of the device; the user then slides their fingers underneath, providing a strong, safe grip without needing to use grasping muscles.

Handable makes using a cell-phone not only easier but also safer. The device remains free to rotate, allowing for easy and comfortable viewing in either orientation. Taking selfies, composing emails, browsing the web – anything one can do with a mobile device can be done safer and easier with Handable. Best of all, users need not worry about worsening an injury when using their devices for an extended period.

Security and compatibility were points of emphasis during the design of Handable. The accessory has been thoroughly tested and will never detach from a mobile device under ordinary conditions. In addition, Handable is fully compatible with all mobile phones and tablets, and it will even mount on a protective case.

Smartphones and mobile technology are now an integral part of most people's lives. They help people accomplish tasks from anywhere, communicate more easily or just relax with a casual game. Handable helps extend the usefulness of these devices to people who previously could not make the most of them. Handable is available in a variety of attractive colors, including a patriotic U.S. flag design.