The Handable phone grip slips between your fingers with ease and is designed with extra finger space that can be adjusted to provide a virtual array of grip arrangements that provides a very usable holding tool.

The Handable phone holder was designed to assist persons with hand and finger deformities including full and partial finger amputations. Unlike Pop Socket, the Handable provides design features that assist the user in a more normal use of their smart phone. The first thing you will notice is finger length does not inhibit the use of the holder.

The following is a review by a recent customer.  You have got to read it in full and see why I am still excited about our product. In fact, we have been in discussion about our target market and find that persons with hand weakness and chronic disability is the direction we are going to spend lots of our time.


Review by customer

(Orthopedists love this)

I have psoriatic arthritis which has damaged both tendons and joints in my fingers and hands. My new Galaxy S9+ turned out to be much heavier and more difficult to hold than expected so I began a search for assistive phone holders for persons with dexterity issues and Handables came up.


I am SO THRILLED with this wonderful little device. Since joint damage prevents wide separation of my fingers, the Handable allows me to hold my phone completely comfortably for extended periods of time without hand/wrist fatigue. I can turn my phone in any position while holding it using the Handable and hallelujah, I have not dropped this expensive thing once since I put the Handable on. And THAT was a common occurrence with my old phone!


This wonderful Handable has stuck to the back of my Otterbox, too...a big surprise as reviews of some of the more expensive Handable competitors indicated those would not even stick to the back of the phone itself well. I have had absolutely no issues with where I have placed it either. I just LOVE this wonderful hand saving device and don't think I have enough positive adjectives in my vocabulary to describe this highly functional and affordable device. I am so happy to have found it!