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Customized Mobile Device Holders are a Solution for Business and Special Events

HandAble is an ideal product for your
next promotional campaign.

Customized Mobile Device Holders are a Solution for Business and Special Events

A Mobile Attachment for all Mobile Devices

The HandAble Mobile Device Holder is designed to fit cell phones, smart phones, tablets and ebook readers. HandAble is compatible with any cell phone or smart phone with a smooth back surface, or on a cell phone cover with a smooth, hard surface.May not adhere to rubberized, or gel type, textures.



Hold Your Device Without Gripping

Trendy and fashionable, the HandAble is a safe, wearable device holder. HandAble is a mobile attachment that provides a secure and stable hold while improving functionality. HandAble is also an ideal platform for promotional marketing campaigns, with a large area perfect for any brand or logo.

A Mobile Attachment for Hand Disabilities

HandAble is an excellent way to hold your phone in one hand while walking, jogging, running, sprinting, and shopping. Ideal for anyone dealing with physical limitations affecting their hands, such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, spinal cord injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, etc.


HandAble Mobile Attachment is Great For:

  • Weddings - Unique and practical wedding favors.
  • Birthday parties - Put HandAble into gift bags for guests.
  • Anniversaries - Mark the event with a branded HandAble.
  • Reunions - Commemorate important occassions.
  • Charities - Great for fundraising campaigns.
  • Political - Get the word out to millions of phone users.
  • Meetings - To rally corporate moral.
  • Conferences - Ideal promo giveaway item for your booth.
Customer Testimonials    

"Thanks so much"

"I wouldn't be able to do half the stuff I do on my phone without HandAble. I have arthritis so my hands gets tired and I drop things a lot, but not my phone :) Being able to have something that helps me and isn't ugly like most things made to help is important. I just bought a tablet and ordered a HandAble last night for it. Your prices are fair and service and speed have been outstanding when ever I have a question. Thank you."
Posted by Michelle


"Such a cool invention!"

"I just bought my first couple of handables and fell in love with them as soon as I put the first one on my iPhone. It's easy to use, adjustable and helps to keep me from dropping my phone when I'm walking. My iPad is SO much easier to read in bed with now. Such a cool invention! "
Posted by Julia


"Practical and Attractive"

"Bought these after seeing them on JJ Ramberg show on MSNBC. Thought they looked practical. Gave one to my husband and he loved it and he instantly attached it to his phone. He says it makes his phone safe. I've yet to give the other two to my niece and nephew for Xmas but I'm sure they'll find them practical and attractive."
Posted by Terriegal


"My New Flag Handable"

"Received my Celebrate America handable, Installed it on my IPhone, and spent the rest of the day discovering all of the great attributes. By the way, while using the handable, I felt very secure about not dropping the phone which I have done many times and it was a breeze to use."
Posted by Lee


"Tablet ease"

"I love my new HandAble. I use it on my 10" tablet. It's really great for holding it in bed. I've been able to free myself from the cumbersome stand-up case made for tablets. I originally bought 2 HandAbles intending to give one as a gift but like it so much I decided to keep both."
Posted by Debi


"Ingenious Convenience"

"I purchased the black handable just to try it out. Was I surprised! It works great and gave me a sense of security. Dropping my phone was a thing of the past."
Posted by Carla


"Thank You!!!"

"The Handable is easily adjustable to any length i like. cant wait to use it when i get my new galaxy note 2 which is a VERY large phone, so this should be perfect. THANK YOU!!!"
Posted by Julia



"I've run out of walls for more bookshelves, and my bedside cabinet was groaning under the weight of the books I've recently read in bed but can't put away because I've no shelf space left, so I've turned to technology - a Nook. But although my hands are apparently quite large for a woman, I just can't get a grip on the Nook without dropping it. And when it gets dropped, the buttons are so sensitive that the pages get turned - annoying! But now I've found the solution - with a HandAble attached to my Nook, I can keep hold of it comfortably. A simple idea - but brilliant!"
Posted by Margot

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