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Whether you choose the Original HandAble Wearable Holder which secures to the back of your cellphone or smartphone to give a more comfortable hold, or the Handable Case for the ease of a snap-on/snap-off accessory, Handable helps to keep your phone from dropping out of your hand, while adding fashion and style.

Handable Wearable CellPhone Holder improves the experience you have when using your phone, by giving a naturally comfortable hold that reduces hand fatigue, increases hand held mobility, and most importantly, gives you a more effective way to take the perfect selfie!

The HandAble Company Division of Mobile Innovations, launched in June of 2012. Later that year, we were featured on MSNBC's "Your Business" in a segment about great corporate gifts.

In 2013, Mobile Innovations, Inc., struck a licensing deal with a promotional marketing company to sell our phone accessories (www.AceProductsUSA.com). And, in 2014, HandAble's patent was granted.



Handable Wearables are ADA compliant; designed to make hand-held devices easier to use, safer, and more comfortable for people with disabilities or limited mobility. Adjustable to fit any sized hands, and compatible with all smartphones.

Protective cases, stand alone as great phone accessories, and are meant to protect our phones from damage resulting from accidentally releasing the phone from your hand.

Our Wearable Case integrates the protection of a hardshell phone case with the unique functionality of our patented Handable Wearable Holder, which was designed to protect from accidental damage and provide a unique way to hold the phone without having to grip it.

Smartphones have become an integral part of everyday life. Many of us use our phone as our primary camera, watch, GPS tracking device, fitness helper, music system, social networking tool, and so much more. Why not make your phone as comfortable and secure as you can?